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PART A (Tables A through J) and PART B

This site provides the 2024 Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule for Part A (Tables A through J) and Part B medical providers.

Please read the Fee Schedule Update Memo which accompanies the  April 2024 updates. The memo is available in PDF format.

If you are unable to access this memo using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, please contact us for a hard copy of this memo at: 717-772-1900.

Questions or comments may be sent to

Web Page Updated: 4/01/2024

The Fee Schedule is provided below in HTML and PDF formats.

Important Notes and Instructions

  • Pursuant to the October 14, 2021, Commonwealth Court opinion rendered in Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Ass’n v. Oleksiak, the Bureau has updated the workers’ compensation fee schedule.
  • Table I is not available online. To obtain Table I, please contact the Bureau of Workers' Compensation by emailing or calling at 717-772-1900.
  • The Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule is best viewed at 800 x 600 pixels.
  • Please be patient when accessing these pages. The size of the Part B Fee Schedule and some of the Part A Tables are large and require some time to load. If you require assistance with these tables, please email or call at 717-772-1900.
Please note that this is a courtesy copy of the fee schedule and is not to be used for repricing.

Part A Tables

HTML Version

PDF Version*


Provider #390001 to #390125
Provider #390127 to #99993
Table A: Prospective Payment System


DRG #1 to #200
DRG #201 to #400
DRG #401 to #495
Table B: Federal Register Table 5


Provider #395001 to #395421
Provider #395422 to 395700
Provider #395701 to #99995
Table C: Skilled Nursing Facilities


Provider #397001 to #397302
Provider #397400 to #99991
Table D: Home Health Agency


ASC Procedure Table Table EF-1: Ambulatory Surgical Center List


Ambulatory Surgical Centers Providers Table F: Ambulatory Surgical Centers Providers


Physical Therapy Per Visit Based Provider & OP End Stage Renal Dialysis Table Table G: Physical Therapy Per Visit Based Provider & OP End Stage Renal Dialysis Table


Pharmacy RCC Table H: Pharmacy RCC


Out-of-State RCC Table J: Out-of-State RCC

Part B

Part B Available from individual pages.


* PDF does not currently meet Accessibility Standards