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Workers' Compensation Search Form

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation (Bureau) obtains the information provided on this Web search from databases maintained by the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB), which is not affiliated with Pennsylvania state government. Because the Bureau does not create, control, or maintain the information contained in the PCRB's databases, the Bureau is not responsible for any inaccuracies in this information.




Click on the employer's name, and the insurance history screen for the employer will appear. If you are unable to find the employer's insurance coverage, please contact the Bureau of Workers' Compensation:

  • Toll free inside PA: 800-482-2383; local & outside PA: 717-772-4447
  • People with hearing loss: Toll free inside PA TTY: 800-362-4228; local & outside PA TTY: 717-772-4991

Search for an insurance carrier's Bureau Code.





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