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Unemployment Compensation

Learn about Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation program, how to apply for benefits, maintain eligibility, report fraud, and more.

Document Printing and Downloads

In search of a specific document to print or form to download? We compiled an alphabetical list of documents and downloads to assist you.

Workers’ Compensation Services

Find guidance on workers’ compensation services and related programs

Occupational and Industrial Safety

Find safety standards for risk-related occupations (i.e., asbestos, construction) and compliance information for each of the Bureau’s effective safety programs

Job Search and Career Training Services

Explore career options and PA CareerLink® - the website connecting workers, employers and other groups with job search and career development tools.

Labor Law

Find information, resources, and guidance on wages, overtime, and other topics related to labor law compliance.

I am a(n)...


I have lost my job, was injured on the job, or need to file for disability benefits. Let us walk you through the process for each service.


I am looking for different career opportunities. What are my options? Explore all our jobseeker services and resources.


I am looking to hire employees. Our web-based online network system provides employers with access to a full range of workforce information.


I am looking for data and statistics on employment, unemployment, labor, occupational trends, and wages.


I am a service and/or education provider. Take a look at available opportunities and resources to partner with us.

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Find the number you need by location, subject or checking a list of frequently called numbers.

Work Statistics

Find up-to-date data to guide decisions and your local planning needs


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