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Pennsylvania Training for Health and Safety

The Disaster Declaration’s temporary suspension of regulatory requirements for Workplace Safety Committee certification will expire on September 30, 2021. After that date, Workplace Safety Committees will be expected to comply with ALL regulatory requirements for certification including basic requirements such as meeting monthly, maintaining a quorum of members at each meeting, completing required training, and filing certification applications in a timely manner. Questions? Contact the Health & Safety Division of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation at

Act 57 of the PA Workers’ Compensation Act, enacted, June 30, 2021, now requires that all committee members receive training on Substance Abuse and Opioid Painkiller Use, in addition to the other three required training topics. Committees seeking Pennsylvania certification will need to show compliance with this standard by Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. View additional details here.

Workers' compensation costs associated with incidents in the workplace are a considerable portion of an employer's business costs. Learn how to reduce your workers' compensation costs through effective, proactive health and safety training programs that will benefit your employees and your bottom line.

Pennsylvania Training for Health and Safety, or PATHS, is an important resource for employers and workers throughout the state.

PATHS is a no-fee, statewide service established by the Department of Labor & Industry, Bureau of Workers' Compensation's Health and Safety Division to provide employers and employees with easy access to cost-effective health and safety resources. Services provided by PATHS will enable participants in the workers' compensation system achieve greater efficiencies in their workers' compensation cost-containment efforts by creating safer, accident-free workplaces.

The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act was amended in 1993 to address health and safety requirements in the workplace. The addition of sections 1001 and 1002 in the act conveys the importance of having a health and safety program in the workplace, and established a 5 percent discount for qualified proactive health and safety programs.

PATHS will provide employers with a single, comprehensive website to view all health and safety related training sessions available through reputable sources. The website will allow employers to maximize training schedules for workers. This training will enable employers to reduce workplace safety- and health-related incidents, resulting in workers' compensation policy premium reductions.

At the PATHS website you can:

View . . . health and safety training PowerPoint briefings.

Review . . . course descriptions, objectives and schedules.

Participate . . . Employers can register online to participate in webinars and training sessions. The Health & Safety Division will host training sessions and conferences on a broad range of health and safety-related topics, including safety culture workshops. Most sessions are free and are open to everyone.

Learn... about health and safety in the workplace, including accident & illness prevention programs/program elements and the cost benefits associated with a proactive program and forming a certified safety committee to qualify for the 5-percent workers' compensation premium discount.

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