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The PA BWC claim number is the number the bureau assigns to a case and is not your claim number. Only indicate your claim number on forms where we request the "carrier's claim number." Please complete forms accurately and within the space provided.


As the workers' compensation claim form repository for the state, this division serves many functions:

Record Requests

The bureau policy for requesting records, including decisions, can be found here.

Online Requests

The Records Request Dashboard is a one-stop shop to request bureau records through WCAIS. More information on online requests can be found here.

Claim Reporting

The bureau went live with EDI Release 3 for claims in September 2013, transitioning from paper submission of compensable and subsequent forms to the electronic filing of data. More information on claim reporting can be found here.

Annual Claims Status Report

The Annual Claims Status Report (ACSR) is intended to update WCAIS, and its documentation, to what you have on file in your system. The report captures all open WCAIS claims, listing your company as the insurer, with no activity in the last four years.

The bureau is offering insurers their pre-ACSR list, which consists of all qualifying claims. Requesting this pre-ACSR list will help you update your claims and keep the claims status up to date in WCAIS. You can obtain your pre-ACSR list by contacting the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Section. Send emails to:

Tips on how to handle the updating of your claims' statuses through this process are available here.

Data Quality

The data quality section is responsible for cleansing and proactively managing the data within the WC Automation and Integration System, or WCAIS. Prior to WCAIS implementation, the bureau, the WC Office of Adjudication and the WC Appeal Board worked with separate various computer systems. Implementation of WCAIS integrated the three program areas into one streamlined system. More information on data quality can be found here.

Flow of a WC Claim

Claimant & Employer Helpline

Helpline staff answer questions from members of the workers' compensation community with regard to rights and duties under the PA Workers' Compensation Act. The section is also responsible for working with users who experience difficulty registering to use WCAIS.

Helpline hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Helpline voice telephone numbers:
toll free in Pennsylvania: 800-482-2383
local and outside Pennsylvania: 717-772-4447

Hearing impaired individuals, or those who have difficulty speaking, may contact the PA Department of Labor & Industry’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation by dialing 7-1-1 and providing the relay service with the bureau’s phone number (717-772-4447).

PA Workers' Compensation Act

The WC Act is available online.