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The Disaster Declaration’s temporary suspension of regulatory requirements for Workplace Safety Committee certification will expire on September 30, 2021. After that date, Workplace Safety Committees will be expected to comply with ALL regulatory requirements for certification including basic requirements such as meeting monthly, maintaining a quorum of members at each meeting, completing required training, and filing certification applications in a timely manner. Questions? Contact the Health & Safety Division of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation at

Act 57 of the PA Workers’ Compensation Act, enacted, June 30, 2021, now requires that all committee members receive training on Substance Abuse and Opioid Painkiller Use, in addition to the other three required training topics. Committees seeking Pennsylvania certification will need to show compliance with this standard by Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. View additional details here.

PA Workplace Safety Committee Certification Program

Would you like to reduce your workers' compensation premiums by 5 percent each year? Thousands of PA employers have already saved millions in insurance premiums by setting up a workplace safety committee that meets the requirements for state certification. That's millions that companies are using to buy new equipment, hire more workers, expand their businesses, and even pay bonuses to employees -- money that used to go to paying insurance premiums!

What do you have to do?

Establish a safety committee that meets certain requirements, fill out a committee certification application and have it approved by the Department of Labor and Industry.

What are the basic committee requirements?

  • Committees must have a minimum of 2 employer and 2 employee representatives, meet monthly and be in operation for at least 6 full months.
  • All committee members must be trained by qualified trainers in safety committee operation, hazard inspection, accident investigation, and substance abuse & opioid painkiller use.
  • Committee meeting agendas, attendance lists and meeting minutes must be kept.

Certification Process Overview

Certification Process Overview

Apply for Initial Certification

Online Filing using HandS

PDF Application (LIBC-372)

Upon completion of the PDF application (LIBC-372), please mail to:
     Health & Safety Division
     Bureau of Workers' Compensation
     Certification Section
     1171 S. Cameron Street
     Harrisburg, PA 17104

Apply for Renewal Certification

Apply for Renewal Certification

Help in Getting Certified

Health & Safety Division Contact Information
Workplace Safety Committee - Technical Assistance

Required Committee Member Training