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PATHS Training Resources

Schedule a Safety Culture Workshop
The Health & Safety Division offers a two-part safety culture training program for companies interested in enhancing their safety culture. A positive safety culture is directly related to significantly reduced workplace accidents, efficient safety communications and employee morale. To learn more about scheduling a workshop, click on the safety culture link to the left.

Mobile Apps
Today it seems that just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet. Aside from keeping people connected with friends and family while on the go, smartphones also let people check email, get directions, stream music and play games - all through the wide variety of apps available. But did you know that there are also plenty of apps out there to help protect the health and safety of workers? Here are some links to apps that can be of assistance to PA workers.

Recorded Webinar Safety Meetings
These 15-20 minute recorded webinars provide training and outreach to employers and employees on a variety of safety-related topics.

Full, hour-long webinars on additional topics are also available. Please contact

Safety Posters
Display safety posters throughout your worksite to remind employees of the importance of workplace safety. From machine guarding to PPE to slips and falls, these posters provide excellent safety tips.

Safety PowerPoints (UPDATED 2021)
Feel free to use these PowerPoint presentations for in-house training.

Safety Talk Topics
These brief safety talk topics, also known as toolbox talks, are short safety talks that are designed to alert employees to various work-related hazards.

Safety Training Courses
These training courses are offered by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation's Health & Safety trainers. Click on each course link for a description of the course and to view the PATHS training calendar.

Distracted Driving
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 11 percent of all drivers at any given time are using cell phones, and the National Safety Council estimates more than one in four motor vehicle crashes involve cell phone use at the time of the crash. Use this link to print out and post information provided by the National Safety Council on distracted driving and cell phone use.

Links to Other Websites
Use this link to find other valuable resources on sites such as OSHA, PEMA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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