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Health & Safety Division Contact Information

Safety Committee Certification Process and Requirements Certification and Education Section

For information about the Health & Safety Division's processes and requirements, e-mail the Health & Safety Division at or contact any of the division personnel below:

Eric Hoffman, Manager 717-772-1635
Chatana Purdy 717-772-1635
Barbara White 717-772-1635
Ed Hurst 717-772-1635

Arranging Committee Training Assistance: To arrange for free training in the four topics (accident investigation, hazard inspection, safety committee operation, and substance abuse & opioid painkiller use ) required for initial workplace safety committee certification or annual certification renewal, call 717-772-1635 or e-mail

Schedule Classes 717-772-1635
Obtain Class Information
Eric Hoffman 717-772-1635
Dara DeRoiste 717-772-1635
Juan Mayo 717-772-1635
Linda Quinby 717-772-1635
Joseph Zinobile 717-772-1635

Report Processing & Audit Section

Michelle Muncie, Manager 717-772-1636
Eric Reiner 717-886-9159
Jeff Burd 717-886-9161
John Bair 717-886-9157

Other Safety Information