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Records Requests

Bureau Policy for Requesting Records, Including Decisions

When requesting non-public records in a workers’ compensation case, one of the following must be met in order for the bureau to honor the request:

  • Bureau records indicate that the requester is a party to the case.

  • The requesting attorney enters an appearance on behalf of a party when asking for the records.

  • Request includes a signed and dated authorization release from the claimant (authorization release is valid if submitted within 60 days of date on form).

  • Requester submits a subpoena.

Requests for copies of workers’ compensation records should be submitted online by registered WCAIS users. Click here to go to WCAIS to make your request.

Or if you are not a registered user of WCAIS, please contact the Helpline at 800-482-2383 to become a registered user. Also, you may fax your request to (717) 783-6365.

If you have a subpoena issued by anyone other than a PA Workers’ Compensation Judge, an original copy of the subpoena must be mailed to the bureau at:

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
1171 South Cameron Street, Room 109,
Harrisburg, PA 17104-2501
Attention: Records Unit

To have records certified, simply note that in your request. And lastly, please remember to include the following information when requesting records: claimant’s name, social security number, injury date(s), and party representation.