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OSHA Covered Employers

OSHA covered employers must:
  • Complete and have on file a HSSF annually, by April 1 and provide it to the department, upon request.
  • Complete an EHSF, if requested by the department.
  • Collect and maintain a file of MSDSs/SDSs.
  • Label all containers of all chemicals produced in or delivered to customers in Pennsylvania.
  • Prepare and provide MSDSs/SDSs for hazardous substances they produce or deliver in Pennsylvania to: All customers & the Department of Labor & Industry.
Provide copies of the HSSF, EHSF, and MSDSs/SDSs to local emergency response organizations, upon request.
Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Health & Safety Division
651 Boas Street, 8th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17121
Phone: 717-772-1635