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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WCAIS?
Who benefits from WCAIS?
Who must register in WCAIS?
How do I get started filing forms online in WCAIS?
Is Help Documentation available to guide me through system processes?
Is Helpline assistance available?
If the system has been automated, will I still be able to speak with a live person?
What are your upcoming trainings?


Q. What is WCAIS?
A. WCAIS is the Workers' Compensation Automation and Integration System. It's a web-based information system integrating the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, the Workers' Compensation Office of Adjudication, and the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board into a single platform. The system:

  • Enables electronic communication, claims filing, and document management.
  • Provides around-the-clock online access to information.
  • Is easy to access and use.

Q. Who benefits from WCAIS?
A. The following groups of people can benefit by using the WCAIS system:

  • Injured workers
  • Insurance carriers
  • Attorneys
  • Employers
  • Self-insured employers
  • Third-party administrators
  • Medical service providers
  • Accident and illness prevention providers
  • Court reporters and interpreters
  • Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Q. Who must register in WCAIS?
A. All members of the Workers' Compensation Community are encouraged to register in WCAIS. Enrollment will improve your access to information and allow you to access information and documents in a more timely manner. To register, visit the WCAIS homepage: and select "Are You a New User?"

Q. How do I get started filing forms in WCAIS?
A. Registration and electronic filing information can found by going to and navigating through the following paths:

  • Workers' Compensation > WCAIS > EDI
  • Workers' Compensation > WCAIS > Forms
  • Workers' Compensation > Claims Information > WC Claim Forms

Q. Is Help Documentation available to guide me through system processes?
A. Yes. The online help section contains How-To Guides to walk you through completion of common processes in WCAIS.

Q. Is Helpline assistance available?
A. Yes. WCAIS's Enhanced Customer Service Ticket System gives stakeholders the ability to create and track Helpline tickets 24/7 in WCAIS. This self-service feature provides an alternative to calling the Helpline during regular business hours. Registered users can also track their tickets, view the status of tickets, and receive responses right from their dashboards. Unregistered users receive responses via email and are offered the opportunity to receive Helpline assistance in becoming registered users.

A searchable knowledge base, compiled from resolved tickets, will allow external stakeholders to search FAQs, recent Q & A's and perform text-based searches to find resolutions previously offered for similar issues and queries.

Q. If the system has been automated, will I still be able to speak with a live person?
A. Yes. BWC Information Services Helpline Staff are available to answer your questions and help address your concerns. The BWC Information Services Helpline is available Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Toll free inside PA at 1-800-482-2383 or locally and outside PA at 717-772-4447. Email:

WCOA's Resource Center responds to user inquiries regarding WCOA-related WCAIS problems, questions and suggestions. The Resource Center addresses issues such as data quality, defects, enhancements, general questions, profile updates and how-to questions. The WCOA Resource Center is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Email:

Q. What are your upcoming trainings? We'd like to schedule a training session.
A. You will need to submit a request for training through the WCAIS customer service portal. Make certain to provide details on what type of training you need and include topics and questions in the request.