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Labor Management Relations


Elevator Safety Board

Conducts hearings and renders decisions regarding variances and appeals from the requirements of applicable codes, standards and regulations regarding elevators. Recommends regulations to the Secretary of Labor and Industry relating to construction, maintenance and inspection of elevators and safe operation of elevators.

Industrial Board

Conducts hearings and renders decisions regarding variances and appeals to departmental regulations concerning industrial and building safety; approves and recommends regulations and regulation changes and interprets the intent of these regulations. Establishes and oversees technical advisory boards.

Prevailing Wage Appeals Board

Conducts hearings and determines appeals or grievances arising out of administration of the Prevailing Wage Act.

Labor/Management Cooperation Office

Plans and develops systems and programs to facilitate improved Labor-Management Relations in the public and private sectors to enhance economic development in the Commonwealth.

Bureau of Mediation

Mediates disputes between labor and management in the private sector under the provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act, and in the public sector under the provisions of The Police and Fire Arbitration Act, Act 111 of 1968, and The Pennsylvania Employes’ Relations Act, Act 195 of 1970. Develops and administers a program of education for management, union and other officials regarding labor management relations to improve the climate of labor relations in the Commonwealth. The Bureau functions with three regional offices - Philadelphia, Hazleton and Pittsburgh.

Bureau of Labor Law Compliance

Develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure compliance with a variety of laws affecting labor. Develops and promulgates regulations, determines prevailing wage rates, conducts inspections through the use of a field force, processes appropriate licenses, certificates or registrations, and carries out public education programs. Initiates prosecution for violations which cannot be corrected through the administrative process.

Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety (BOIS)

Administers a variety of laws related to the safety of employees and the public through the promulgation of regulations, field inspections, issuance of permits, licenses and certificates and response to complaints. Supports the Accessibility Advisory Board, the PA Industrial Board and the Asbestos Control Advisory Committee.

Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board

Administers the Commonwealth's private and public sector collective bargaining laws, including carrying out administrative and adjudicative responsibilities. Conducts hearings and issues decisions on questions of representation and unfair labor practice charges; conducts union representation elections; appoints fact finders; and provides panels of arbitrators in bargaining disputes involving employes who do not have the right to strike under the Pennsylvania Employes Relations Act (PERA). Represents the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board in court on enforcement matters and in appeals from Board decisions.