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Prevailing Wage Appeals Board

The Prevailing Wage Appeals Board is a board created by the Prevailing Wage Act for the purpose of hearing and determining appeals or grievances arising out of administration of the Act. The seven-member board is comprised of mostly private citizens appointed by the governor. Currently, the board members are as follows:

Building Contractor Representative- Jon O’Brien
Heavy and Highway Contractor Representative- Richard J. Barcaskey
Building Construction Labor Representative-Estaban Vera Jr.
Heavy and Highway Construction Labor Representative-Robert T. Heenan
Political Subdivision Representative-The Honorable Cherelle Parker
General Public Representative-Labor & Industry Attorney Representative-Cindy E. Sheaffer, Esq.

The Prevailing Wage Appeals Board has regulations governing the filing of appeals or grievances, notices and hearings, and final determinations. These regulations are found at 34 Pa. Code §213.1-213.10.

Any questions or correspondence to the board may be sent to the following:
Attention: Gina S. Meckley
Administrative Assistant
PA Department of Labor & Industry
1171 South Cameron Street, Room104
Harrisburg, PA 17104