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​​ Mediation Services

The best way to send correspondence to the Bureau of Mediation Services is via email at Please include your contact information, and a staff member will get back to you. 

About our Program 

In 1937, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted a law giving a broad mandate to the Department of Labor & Industry to provide mediation services to the private sector. As the demand for mediation activity increased, the Department established a separate Bureau of Mediation.

In 1970, the Public Employee Relations Act (Act 195)* gave public sector employees the right to bargain collectively and to strike. The Bureau of Mediation was then assigned the responsibility of providing mediation services to public sector parties. An amendment to the school code in 1992, known as Act 88*, provided additional strict timelines utilizing mediators within the public school setting. Additionally, mediation assistance has been provided for Act 111* police and firefighter contract disputes when requested.

The work of the Bureau of Mediation has been expanding in both the private and public sectors and today is the keystone of the Commonwealth's efforts to cultivate cooperative relationships between labor and management in plants, schools, governmental agencies, and other places of work.

Contact Information

Bureau of Mediation Headquarters
Department of Labor & Industry
651 Boas Street
Harrisburg, PA 17121
(717) 787-2803

What We Do

The Bureau of Mediation is charged with furthering economic development in the Commonwealth by helping to foster a cooperative labor-management climate. This mission is accomplished by providing impartial professional mediators to assist with labor negotiations and to provide proactive training and services to the parties.

In addition to these services, the Bureau of Mediation maintains a list of qualified impartial arbitrators and submits panels of arbitrators when requested by the parties to any collective bargaining dispute.

The links below will provide you with descriptions of our many services. If you need more information, E-mail us and we will be happy to supply it.

Mediation Programs

Dispute Mediation
Interest Based Bargaining
Timed Mediation
Proactive Services

Labor-Management Committee
Grievance Mediation
Steward-Supervisor Training
Voluntary Card Checks
Arbitrator Services

Arbitrator Resumes

Downloadable Forms

A list of forms pertaining to labor/management services is available. If an alternate version of a form is needed, please contact the Bureau of Mediation at 717-787-2803.