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Industrial Board

Meeting Dates

The Industrial Board is a group of primarily private citizens who have authority to review certain matters related to the Department of Labor & Industry mainly concerning construction. It also has the authority to grant variances to certain regulations.

Under the Administrative Code of 1929, the Industrial Board consists of six members - one a licensed architect, one a licensed engineer, one a representative of the building industry with experience in building safety, one a representative of an employee organization with experience in building safety, and two representatives of the general public. These members are appointed by the Governor and are confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate. The Secretary of Labor & Industry, or the secretary's designee, is Chairman of the Board.

Act 80 gives the Industrial Board the authority to establish technical Advisory Boards to assist in the performance of its duties. Currently, there are two Advisory Boards: the Boiler Advisory Board and the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Advisory Board. These Advisory Board members are appointed by the Secretary of Labor & Industry. These Boards were established to draft, maintain, and interpret regulations and to give technical advice on variances and appeals. The Advisory Boards meet at the call of the Chairman.

The Industrial Board meets at least once each month to hold hearings and to consider appeals and requests on the following regulations within its jurisdiction. Click here for specific information on these Laws and Regulations administered or monitored by the Department of Labor & Industry.

  • Uniform Construction Code
  • Fire and Panic
  • Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • Bedding and Upholstery
  • Stuffed Toys

Meeting Dates

In accordance with the Sunshine Law Meeting Notice, (Act 84 of 1986), proposed Industrial Board meeting dates are published as a matter of public record. Meeting dates are subject to change based on Board Members' schedules and, if changed, republication is made.

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the Labor & Industry Building is closed to the public.
If you wish to attend a scheduled Industrial Board meeting, you may attend via telephone.
Please use the below information:

Call number - 267-332-8737

Attendee Code – Please refer to meeting date listed below
To attend the meeting on your computer, please contact for the invitation/link.

The proposed meeting dates are as follows:

January 12 Attendee code: 998885913July 21 Attendee code: 665955461  Agenda
February 9 Attendee code: 101429187August 10 Attendee code: 281088796  Agenda
March 9 Attendee code: 257847296September 14 Attendee code: 894824857  Agenda
April 13 Attendee code: 417693833October 12 Attendee code: 766895859  Agenda
May 11 Attendee code: 442820512November 9 Attendee code: 166760409 
June 8 Attendee code: 321904785December 14
January 11July 12
February 8August 9
March 8September 13
April 12October 11
May 10November 8
June 14December 13