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Workforce System Policy

Pennsylvania’s workforce system policies are published on our website to ensure that all stakeholders, including local workforce development boards, state agencies, and other partners, have access to the administrative and operational requirements essential for fulfilling the state’s obligations as mandated by federal law and regulations. By providing clear and accessible policies, we aim to empower our workforce system to effectively serve the people of Pennsylvania, connecting job seekers with education and training for career-focused employment and helping businesses find and hire skilled workers. These policies form the foundation of our commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive workforce development system that meets the needs of our diverse communities.

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Pennsylvania’s Workforce System Policy on Policies

The Policy on Policies is a foundational document that outlines a standardized and consistent approach to policy development, implementation, and review within Pennsylvania's workforce system. By implementing this policy, we aim to achieve greater clarity, transparency, and accountability in our workforce development efforts. It provides a framework for effectively governing policies, ensuring they align with our workforce system's goals and meet stakeholders’ needs. Through this policy, we strive to enhance consistency and continuity in our policies, promoting seamless coordination among different partners and enabling us to better serve the state and citizenry.

Policy on Policies
Policy Procedure Guide
Policy Style Manual ​​​​​​

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