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Bedding and Upholstery

The Bedding & Upholstery Law is enforced by the Bedding & Upholstery Section of the Bureau of Occupational & Industrial Safety and relates to consumer protection. The law requires manufacturers to use only new filling materials in bedding and upholstered furniture and register with the Bureau to sell those items in Pennsylvania. The articles must be labeled with a white tag which discloses to the consumer the type of filling materials used as well as the registration number of the manufacturer of the product. Manufacturers, importers, suppliers, and vendors may apply for registration by filing an Application For Bedding & Upholstery Registration, LIBU-32 at the mailing address below.

Natural/animal materials, such as feathers, down, wool, hair, etc. must be sterilized prior to being used within or on a bedding or upholstered product and companies conducting the sterilization process must be registered to do so. Manufacturers/suppliers and importers who sterilize may apply for a sterilization permit by filing an Application for Sterilization Permit, LIBU-100 at the mailing address below. The sterilization permit number issued to the company conducting the sterilization process must be listed on the white tag mentioned in the prior paragraph.

In addition, the law requires persons such as renovators, auctioneers, secondhand dealers and rental dealers who deal with used or renovated bedding and upholstered furniture to register with the Department. They are required to put a yellow tag on a secondhand or renovated article. This yellow tag informs the consumer that the article is not new; however, the article has been properly disinfected before being made available for sale or rental. Secondhand dealers, auctioneers, renovators/upholsters, and rental businesses may apply for registration and disinfection permit by filing an Application for Registration and Disinfection Permit, LIBU-103 at the mailing address below.

To access a listing of individuals/businesses who have informed the Department of their ability to perform disinfection services, for those who do not disinfect their own secondhand products, along with their provided detailed listing information. click on the link below.

Individuals/Businesses that Perform Secondhand Disinfection Services

To provide detailed listing information to the Department, individuals/businesses should complete and submit to the Department the Secondhand Disinfection Provider Website Listing Information.

Note: These listings are based on information voluntarily provided to the Department and may not accurately reflect an individual/business’s current contact information, certification status, nor capability.

Secondhand Registration and Disinfection Permit holders can renew their certificates online by clicking on the Online Payments link above. Bedding & Upholstery and Sterilization Permit holders CANNOT renew their certificates online at this time.

Completed applications should be mailed to:

Department of Labor & Industry
Division of Bedding and Upholstery
651 Boas Street Room 1606
Harrisburg, PA 17121
Telephone: (717) 787-6848
Fax: (717) 787-6925