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RAC 2015 ICC Code Re-Review Update

As established by Act 36 of 2017, the RAC Council has begun its re-review of the 2015 ICC code. Earlier this year, the RAC held a public comment period requesting changes or updates to be considered during the re-review process. This period has closed and the re-review is currently underway.

The Council’s next steps will be to adopt any changes and provide a report to Labor & Industry’s Secretary by May 1, 2018. Labor & Industry is then required to promulgate regulations based on this report which must be in effect by October 1, 2018.

UCC RAC Subcommittee Recommendations

Each subcommittee has completed its review of all public comments received during the open public comment period. Their recommendations can be found categorized below

Public Comment Forms

All public comment forms received during open public comment period can be found categorized below.