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Submission of Building Plans Notice:

The Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) has partnered with ePlanSoft to provide site hosting that will allow the digital submissions of building plans for L&I customers. Meaning persons who must make an application to L&I for building approvals or to otherwise comply with the UCC, may use this service. Previously, these plans would require three sets of drawings to be mailed to the L&I building in Harrisburg. 

Utilizing the new goPost digital plan review system, design professionals are now able to upload plans online for review by L&I's certified plan examiners. Under the new system, only one digital plan is needed. Any form that was previously needed for plan review is still required. Any fee associated with a project is still required and will need to be mailed until the online payment system is implemented. Applicants can provide a scan of the check and upload it along with the submitted plans. The check will then need to be mailed to the building. Please note that a delay may occur while the Department awaits payment. Until online payment processing is integrated, we recommend that any expedited submission follow the paper application process until that enhancement is in place.

Submit an online application or try out the testing environment.

You may also access a video tutorial of the BOIS digital submission and review process on YouTube.

Please note that any application submitted for plan review MUST be sent through the live environment. Any plans submitted through the testing environment will NOT be reviewed. That environment is available for applicants to become familiar with the process of submitting a digital application.

Utilizing the electronic plan review submission process is NOT required for plan review. If an applicant chooses to submit utilizing the paper plan submission process, that process is still available. Please note that all steps of the paper submittal process need to be followed for plan review to occur on those submissions. 

Any questions related to this announcement can be sent to our team via our resource account found at RA-LIBOIS-BUILDINGS@PA.GOV.

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