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The forms accessible on this page are provided for the use of L&I customers only, i.e., for persons who must make application to the Department of Labor & Industry for building approvals or to otherwise comply with the UCC.
Most of these forms have been copyrighted.
We ask that persons who are not L&I customers honor this copyright, by not making copies or using the content, in whole or in part, as part of their own Uniform Construction Code enforcement.
UCC-1 Application for Annual Permit
UCC-1A Accessibility Advisory Board Petition
UCC-2 UCC Plan Review Checklist
UCC-3 Application for Building Permit
UCC-4 Application for Demolition Permit
UCC-5 Application for Sign Permit
UCC-6 (2009) Special Inspections and Observations Statement
UCC-6 (2015) Special Inspections and Observations Statement
UCC-10 Complaint Form
UCC-13 Recreational Cabin Affidavit
UCC-15 Application for Alterations-Level 1 Permit
UCC-24 Application for In-Home Day Care Permit
UCC-26 Request for Building Plans
UCC-27 Request for Duplicate/Revised Occupancy Permit or Certificate of Occupancy
UCC-29 Notification of Change in Building Code Official
UCC-30 Accessibility Certification Disclosure Statement
UCC-31 Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Certification Booklet
UCC-32 Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Certification Renewal Booklet
UCC-35 UCC Third Party Agency (TPA) Certification Booklet
LIIB-112 Elevator Safety Board Petition
LIIB-117 Industrial Board Petition (Buildings)