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Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)


This page contains a descriptive list of publications that are currently available from OVR. These materials are designed to assist consumers in better understanding the OVR program and the process of vocational rehabilitation. Available FREE to anyone interested in learning more about OVR, they are useful to schools, employers, doctors, and other organizations who want to share important information about the OVR program. Brochures and other documents available in print are mailed upon request. If a specific alternative format is required but is not listed, please contact the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.
Form No.
Webinar - Working Together for Successful Transition to Adult Life - June 2, 2:00-4:00 PM ----​
​State Board of VR Meeting Notice - June 2021
January 2021 Public Meeting Notice - Transition Policy ----​
​OVR Newsletter March 2021
Draft OVR School to Work Transition Policy ​TBD
OVR WIOA Combined State Plan Public Meeting 11/7/19
Draft 2020-24 VR Services Portion of Combined State Plan
WIOA Combined State Plan
2-Year Modification to WIOA Combined State Plan
WIOA Plan Public Comment
VR Services Portion of the Combined State Plan Two Year Modification
Employing People with Disabilities Toolkit
Early Reach Brochure (PDF)
(REV 7-19)
OVR 2017 Annual Report (PDF)
(REV 10-18)
OVR 2016 Annual Report (PDF)
(REV 4-17)
OVR 2015 Annual Report (PDF)
(REV 9-15)
Highlights of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014
This act reauthorizes the 1973 and 1998 Rehab Act and Amendments through 2020. The U.S. Dept. of Ed. RSA will be issuing guidance and policy clarification to all State VR units as the act is implemented. These attached documents are for reference and linkage to the RSA website for stakeholder use.
Grants Procedures Manual sets forth the grant procedures developed by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) for grants awarded to various organizations. Attachment 1 – Grant Procedures Manual, Attachment 2 – Grant Agreement – Terms and Conditions (Generic Rider B), Attachment 3 - Budget Proposal Spreadsheet Template, and Attachment 4 – Request For Funds (RFF) Template-Instructions.

Attachment 1 - Grant Procedures Manual
Attachment 2 - Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions (Generic Rider B)
Attachment 3 - Budget Proposal Spreadsheet Template
Attachment 4 - Request for Funds (RFF) Template - Instructions
Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities
Rehabilitation Services Handbook
Out of Work Due to Occupational Injury or Disease?
The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation can help you return to work.
Business Services
OVR is able to provide pre-screened, qualified applicants who meet business human resource needs.

Hiring People with Disabilities How-To Guide

Hiring People with Disabilities How-to-Guide Summary
Case Study/Key Project Outcomes





Jobs for All, Youth Employment Initiative
On-the-Job Training
Compliance With Civil Rights Legislation
Cumplimiento de la ley de Derechos Civiles
OVR Transition Guide for Professionals
A Guide for School Personnel

Cents and Sensibility A Guide to Money Management for People with Disabilities

Transition From Substance Abuse To Recovery and Work
A Guide for Vocational Rehabilitation
Your Road To Independence