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PennSERVE encourages, develops, and facilitates volunteerism and service. PennSERVE funds and supports national service efforts that engage Pennsylvania residents in strengthening our communities.

Each year, PennSERVE awards approximately $11 million in federal funding from the AmeriCorps agency to AmeriCorps programs in Pennsylvania. AmeriCorps is a national program that provides human and financial resources to help tackle some of our country’s toughest problems. AmeriCorps produces a triple-bottom line return investment, for those who serve, those who are served, and for Pennsylvania’s communities.

To learn more about AmeriCorps programs in Pennsylvania and opportunities to join AmeriCorps, visit our AmeriCorps in Pennsylvania and AmeriCorps State Program Directory pages. To access information about grants to support the development of AmeriCorps programs, visit our Grant Opportunities page. To find out more about PennSERVE and our plans for service across Pennsylvania, visit About PennSERVE.


PennSERVE 651 Boas Street, Room 1306 Harrisburg, PA 17121
Contact: PennSERVE - 717.787.1971 (1.866.6SERVEU)

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