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Notes for Five (5) County Building Common Journeyperson Laborer Notes (Philadelphia Area)


Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Delaware
The following updates to the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance’s Pennsylvania Building Journeyperson Laborer Notes are meant to provide a reference point for uniformity and clarity throughout the Commonwealth. The Notes may not be comprehensive, and should be read in conformity with the custom and usage of the construction industry in the geographic region in which they are utilized.


Common Journeyperson
  1. Cleaning, scrubbing, washing and polishing floors, furniture and windows (including through the use of bonding or flying cranes); For marble, granite, and terrazzo, cleaning, scrubbing, washing, and polishing after final acceptance.
  2. Demolition of interiors and removal of all debris;
  3. Grading stone and dirt by hand;
  4. Form pinning
  5. Pouring handling, and placing of all concrete and related materials and all cure applications;
  6. Sheathing, lagging, and mining;
  7. Cleaning up debris;
  8. Stripping, dismantling, oiling and moving of concrete forms;
  9. Loading, unloading and carrying of reinforced steel;
  10. Handling and distributing lumber and all other building materials, including final strip, and including materials used or installed by mechanical trades (e.g., electrician, plumber, sheet metal worker, insulator);
  11. Unloading, carrying, distributing and laying of pre-cast concrete slabs and planks;
  12. Wrecking, moving and demolishing underpinning and shoring of all structures;
  13. Using flags and other signaling devices;
  14. Performing landscaping and nursery work;
  15. Serving as a Toolroom Person, hanging tools, delivering tools;
  16. Cleaning precipitators;
  17. Watching for fires;
  18. Operating conveyors;
  19. Using vacuum cleaners of all types (ride or walk-along);
  20. Digging and filling holes and trenches using hand tools;
  21. Driving stakes;
  22. Ripping out material which is to be discarded;
  23. Cleaning roof removal materials on the ground. Performs roof removal work for demolition (Roof removal work for roof replacement is performed by roofers);
  24. Operating a pressure washer;
  25. Unloading, stockpiling and moving materials for carpenters.
  26. Operating power buggies and pumps;
  27. Operating walk along compacting and vibrating equipment;
  28. Operating guniting machines (including potman);
  29. Operating steam jennies;
  30. Using pumps of 2” and under;
  31. Operating burning torches or burners for demolition;
  32. Blasting or assisting with blasting;
  33. Grading and building scaffolds;
  34. Using or assisting with air and hydraulic wagon drills, on or off tracks;
  35. Using walk-along or walk behind lifts and similar machines;
  36. Serving as a drill runner or drill runner’s assistant;
  37. Operating a chipping hammer or similar;
  38. Mixing mortar or operating a mortar mixing machine (regardless of power used, including starting and stopping);
  39. Feeding grout machines and operating grout pumps;
  40. Operating concrete saws;
  41. Operating air tracks or assisting;
  42. Laying on nonmetallic (clay, ironstone, terra cotta, vitrified concrete and plastic) pipe and the making of joints for the same within five feet outside a building, or to the first joint beyond five feet from a building;
  43. Operating jackhammers or concrete busters;
  44. Operating concrete drills and cutting equipment for trenches, flatwork, and wall coring of multi-use (common) holes;
  45. Operating walk behind rollers and similar machines
  46. Using a cutting torch for demolition work on steel or other metal structures;
  47. Operating salamanders, smudge pots, propane and kerosene burners and all other heating methods;
  48. Operating drills and all other pneumatic and electric hand tools for demolition;
  49. Using concrete mixers, vibrators and pumps;
  50. Operating walk along tamping equipment;
  51. Sandblasting (filling the pot, cleaning up of sand, use of the nozzle) pumps 2” or under for demolition;
  52. Using welding torches;
  53. Working on swing scaffold, sling and Bosun chairs.


Asbestos Removal


Mason Tenders


Forklift Laborer (In conjunction with the Mason Tenders)


Plaster Tender