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Prevailing Wage/PennDOT Treatments

Crack Sealing 
Seal Coat Maintenance  
Slurry Seal Maintenance  
Ralumac application Maintenance  
Microsurfacing Maintenance  
Fog Seal Maintenance  
Scrub Seal Maintenance  
Ultrathin Friction Course Maintenance  
Repaving Construction  
Cold In-Place Recycling Construction  
Hot In-Place Recycling Construction  
Milling with and without Thin HMA Overlay (Wearing Course) Construction  
Leveling Course with Thin HMA Overlay Construction  
Base Repair Construction May be maintenance work if
incidental to pothole patching.
Pavement Patching Maintenance  
Widening Construction  
Shoulder Upgrade Construction  
Routine cleaning of drainage features, including minor pipe repairs Maintenance Pipe Replacement is reconstruction and nonmaintenance.
Repair of drainage features including pipe replacement. Construction  
Guide Rail  
  • Partial Overhaul or Patching/Replacement of Damaged Parts In Kind
  • Large-Scale Replacement or Upgrade.
¹ The term construction includes construction, reconstruction, demolition, alteration and/or repair work other than maintenance work and requires Pennsylvania prevailing wages. Work that is maintenance work is excluded from these wage requirements. A project that is comprised of both maintenance and non-maintenance will likely require Pennsylvania prevailing wages. 43 P.S. § 165-2(5).