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​Minimum Wage Advisory Board

Task Force Members

    • ​Christopher Hallock, Deputy Secretary for Safety and Labor Management Relations, Chair
    • Neil Cashman, Director of Legislative Affairs
    • Scott Briggs, Employer Representative
    • Alex Halper, Employer Representative
    • Stephen Herzenberg, Public Representative
    • Nadia Hewka, Public Representative
    • Warren Hudak, Employer Representative
    • Barbara Johnson, Labor Representative
    • Samantha Shewmaker, Labor Representative

Minimum Wage Advisory Board Meeting Information

​Microsoft Teams Meeting Link

Conference Line: 1-267-332-8737
Conference ID: 388-922-097#
Contact: Tracy Henry, 223-231-9226​

​Meeting Dates:
Meeting Times:​
​Friday, February 16, 2024 - Agenda
​10:00 AM