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Individuals/Firms that Conduct Inspections/Risk Assessments

Below is a listing of individuals/firms who have informed the Department of their ability to conduct lead inspections/risk assessments and provided detailed listing information.

To provide detailed listing information to the Department, individuals/firms should complete and submit to the Department the Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor Website Listing Information.

Note: These listings are based on information voluntarily provided to the Department and may not accurately reflect an individual/firm’s current contact information and capability.

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Inspector/Risk Assessor
Anthony Galasso
Barbara Fynes
Daniel J. Casciato
Dannie L. Keen
Daniel Pudish
Darren M. Parmer
Dean R. Wenrich
Henry Ensley
Homer Wanamaker
Jennifer Drialo
Jeremy Humble
John P. Fiorelli
Joyce A. Ravinskas
Judee A. Casciato
Kathryn Germer
Kevin Kauffman
Lynn Stutzman
Matthew O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnell
Michael Stefkovic
Philip A. Conteh
Richard Germer, Jr.
Robin Hayes-Toney
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Hutsell
Stephen J. Merlino
Steven J. Berkoski
Steven Vena
William O'Donnell III
William O'Donnell IV