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Apply for Membership

The Advisory Council for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing has 17 members, nine of which are public members and are appointed by the Governor. Public members volunteer their time and are dedicated to make Pennsylvania a better place to live for persons with a hearing loss. However, members are reimbursed for hotel, meals in accordance with state policy, parking, tolls, mileage, and public transportation.

Please complete the application if you are interested in serving on the Council. The Council will review applications when there is a vacancy. To help you understand the application process, the Office for Deaf & Hard of Hearing (ODHH) has provided a step-by-step outline below.

If you want an update on vacancies or have a question regarding the application process, please contact ODHH.

Application Process

  • Complete your application.

  • Mail your application to ODHH at 1521 North Sixth Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102.

  • Applications will be copied and given to the Council's Membership Chairperson.

  • ODHH and the Membership Chairperson will keep the applications on file.

  • When a vacancy exists, the Membership Chairperson will contact and verify all applicants' continued interest to serve on the council.

  • Prior to the Council discussing and making recommendations at a quarterly meeting, applications will be distributed to Council members for review.

  • During the meeting, members will discuss the applications and make a recommendation to the Governor for appointment. Applicants are permitted to attend the meeting and may address the Council. The potential members will be excused from the meeting during discussion and voting.

  • Recommendations are given to the Governor's office.

  • The Governor will appoint or deny the Council's recommendation. The Governor has the power to agree with the Council, deny the recommendation, appoint a person of his/her choosing, or leave it vacant until a suitable applicant is available.

  • Once appointed, the new member will receive an appointment letter and certificate in the mail. The letter will include the expiration date of the member's term.

  • The new member must take the oath (certificate), have it notarized and return it to the Governor's office.

  • ODHH and the Council Chairperson will inform new members of the Council's current activities, meeting dates, and reimbursement procedures.