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OM/VRT Internship Career Opportunities

Tip Sheet for Applying

Orientation and Mobility (OM) and Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT) students are welcome and valuable participants in the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services’s (BBVS) efforts to serve Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Statewide Internship Opportunities

OVR BBVS continually accepts applications for the Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and Orientation & Mobility Specialist Intern. OVR BBVS seeks outstanding applicants who share a commitment to helping individuals with disabilities to achieve outcomes consistent with a customer's unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice.

O&M and VRT internship positions exist within the 6 district office locations of OVR. There must be an OM or VRT vacancy in a district office for a paid intern to be hired for that district office. Specific locations can be identified on the OVR website under the career opportunities section. Several internship appointments are made during the course of a 12-month period.

Pennsylvania residency is not required to apply. Securing a paid internship has become a competitive process, as OVR recruits nationwide.

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Minimum Requirements

Orientation and Mobility Intern: Current enrollment in the final semester of an accredited bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate program in orientation and mobility.

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Intern: Current enrollment in the final semester of an accredited bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate program in rehabilitation teaching, vision rehabilitation therapy, teacher of the visually impaired, or education with a concentration in visual impairment.

Internship Salary and Benefits

Interns work full time and earn $19.42/hour (Pay Schedule 5 Step 1) with full benefits such as vacation, sick leave, health insurance, group life insurance, and other employee benefits. Interns in OVR's Philadelphia and Norristown district offices earn $21.09/hour (Pay Schedule 5 Step 5).  If you successfully complete the internship and obtain your graduate degree, you may then serve an additional two months as an intern to complete your probationary period, and be promoted to Orientation and Mobility Specialist or Vision Rehabilitation Therapist with an increase in salary to $49,076 per year (Pay Schedule 7 Step 1) and $53,594 per year (Pay Schedule 7 Step 5) if working in Norristown or Philadelphia..

Necessary Special Requirements

At the time that you apply, you must have authorization by your college or university for you to participate in the commonwealth's OM/VRT Internship Program. At the time you start the internship, you must be enrolled in the final semester of your program. You must apply the semester prior to the final semester of your master's degree program. Application dates are listed below:

  • Spring Internship: Provide date of August 1st on the application
  • Summer Internship: Provide date Jan 1st on application
  • Fall Internship: Provide date of March 1st on the application

Application Process

Begin submitting the application materials at the beginning of the semester prior to the final semester of your academic program. The Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and Orientation & Mobility Specialist Intern information on how to apply for Pennsylvania Civil Service positions, and further information on employment opportunities can be obtained by contacting the State Civil Service Commission at

Upon a conditional offer of employment, Interns will need to submit a supplemental form from your department chairperson verifying that you are in good academic standing and expected graduation date.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.


If you have questions about OVR internship opportunities, please contact Hattie McCarter, OVR's Recruitment Specialist at (717) 787-2521 voice or email