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Tip Sheet for Applying for All OVR Classifications

  • Pennsylvania OVR's VR Counselor and VR Counselor, Deaf and Hard of Hearing are full-time, permanent *civil service positions. The following steps describe the basic process required to apply for civil service employment.

    • Please read each classification carefully and answer job-related questions online. Be sure that you meet the minimum requirements outlined in the announcement.

    • You must apply online at the commonwealth's employment website. All job seekers must set up a profile to apply for civil service or non-civil service employment. All applicants will be held responsible for keeping track of the status of their application and changes, if needed. Therefore, applicants must upload and submit the following, if applicable:

      • An unofficial/official photocopy of your graduate transcript

      • A photocopy of your CRC certificate (only if you are certified)

      • A photocopy of your letter of approval to qualify for the CRC exam

      • A resume or curriculum vitae

      • DD214 veteran verification (if applicable)

    • Each civil service posting will describe the hiring process that will be used to fill the position. You will not need to take a written test as your master's level internship or completed degree in the stated fields will suffice.

    • Applicants must submit an application for the job title. Instead of taking a written exam at a test center, candidates will answer job title related questions as part of the application process. The job-related questions will be scored for applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the job title.

    • Applicants will need to keep track of the vacancies for the district office of their choice. Candidates *must apply to each district office vacancy posting of their choice to be considered for an interview, if there is an opening.

    • Applicants with passing scores will be notified via email when openings are available. The candidates with the highest scores who apply to the openings will be referred to the hiring managers for interviews.

    • Applicants will be contacted by the District Administrator(s) to schedule a potential interview.

    • Conditional Offer of Employment - If selected and contacted by a District Administrator for an internship or entry-level position, you will receive a *conditional offer of employment meaning that you have been recommended and need to complete the following clearances: FBI, Child Abuse and Criminal Background. *If clearances are not completed, you will not receive an official offer of employment or start date. Please be responsible and timely in completing.

    • *Interns Only: Upon a conditional offer of employment, interns will need to submit a supplemental form from your department chairperson verifying that you are in good academic standing and your expected graduation date in addition to completing the clearances.

    • It is the commonwealth's position that the individual bears responsibility to meet the obligations necessary for legal employability. Therefore, as an employer, the commonwealth will not serve as a petitioner for work authorizations and visas.

    • If you have questions, please contact Danielle Frascella, OVR's HR Liaison, via phone at (570) 239-6405 or email at