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SWIF Payment Options

Direct Deposit 

The State Worker's Insurance Fund (SWIF) currently offers a safe, reliable way to receive your payments on a timely and regular basis. 

By signing up for direct deposit, funds are available in your account the day payment is made. This eliminates potential mail delays, and there is no need to worry about lost or stolen checks. 

Direct deposit accounts are easy to set up: 

Complete a simple form that could be mailed out to you or print the SWIF direct deposit form 

Contact our Customer Service Department at 570-963-4630 where our representatives can assist you. 

Five good reasons to choose direct deposit: 

  • Fast – You will have benefits sooner 
  • Convenient – You don't have to take time to go to your financial institution. 
  • Safe - Benefits are deposited into your account, preventing lost or stolen checks 
  • Reliable – Benefits are directly deposited into your account correctly 
  • Simple – Easy to begin and may be changed or stopped by filling out a form  

Debit Card 

Beginning in March 2023, Money Network prepaid debit cards will be mailed to SWIF recipients who receive benefit payments via prepaid debit card. The Money Network prepaid debit cards will replace the U.S. Bank ReliaCard® currently in use. For more information, please visit the ReliaCard® to Money Network Transition FAQs

The new Money Network prepaid debit card will arrive in a plain white envelope with an Omaha, Nebraska, return address. Be sure to remove the new card before you discard this envelope. 

Here are samples of both cards:


Money Network Card – New 

U.S. Bank ReliaCard® – Old


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Additional SWIF Resources: 

Terms and Abbreviations: 

SWIF – State Workers' Insurance Fund provides a source of workers' compensation insurance for the employers and workers of Pennsylvania. 

Direct Deposit – An option to receive an electronic transfer of insurance payments directly from SWIF to the recipient's checking or savings account.  

ReliaCard – The prepaid debit card option issued by U.S. Bank to receive SWIF payments that is being replaced by Money Network in March 2023.  

Money Network – The prepaid debit card option issued by My Banking Direct to receive SWIF payments starting in March 2023.