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Loss Prevention
Notice of Availability of Services

The Pennsylvania State Workers’ Insurance Fund (SWIF) provides Accident and Illness Prevention Services through its internal staff, as well as contracted third-party Loss Prevention consultants. All third -party service providers meet the qualification standards established by the Department of Labor & Industry, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC).

Accident & Illness Prevention Services that are maintained or provided for policyholders:

  • On-site Initial and Follow-up Surveys: to identify existing or potential accident and illness hazards or safety program deficiencies.
  • Written Recommendations to address observed deficiencies.
  • Analysis of Accident Causes at worksites
  • Accident & Illness Prevention Program evaluations
  • Industrial Hygiene Surveys
  • Industrial Health Services
  • Accident & Illness Prevention Training Programs
  • Consultations Regarding Specific Safety and Health Problems
  • Pre-Operational Process Reviews
  • Assistance to Establish an Effective Safety Committee Training
  • Initial Training to Qualify a Safety Committee to Qualify for The BWC 5% Annual Safety Credit.

Employers must apply to BWC for Initial or annual renewal Certification of their Workplace Safety Committee to be eligible for a 5% credit on their annual workers’ compensation insurance premium. Renewal credits are applied to the next renewal period.

Questions may be directed to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Health & Safety Division at (717) 772-1635 or,; SWIF or your insurance Agent/Broker.

For additional safety resources including free webinars, please visit the BWC, PATHS website at:

Additionally, Labor-Management Safety Committees, as part of an overall Safety Program, can help reduce work-related diseases and injuries in the workplace.

For additional information about these services, contact the SWIF Loss Prevention Department at (570) 963-4624 or 570-614-5977.