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Certified Safety Committee Information

Providing Pennsylvania workers with a safe working environment is a major priority. Workplace Safety concerns foster increased productivity, and reduced lost time, due to injury, both of which have a positive effect on bottom line profitability. One way of being involved with safety in the workplace and reducing the workers' compensation premiums is to establish a safety committee that meets the requirements for state certification.

An employer who has been granted Certification of their Workplace Safety Committee is eligible to receive a five percent (5%) discount on their Workers' Compensation Insurance premium annually. The following is a list of important committee requirements.

  • Committees must be in existence and operating for six (6) FULL, consecutive calendar months prior to signing, dating and submission of the Application.

  • A quorum of committee members must meet at least monthly.

  • The Application must be received by the Workers' Compensation Certification Unit, in Harrisburg, between 90 and 30 calendar days in advance of the next workers' compensation policy renewal date.

  • Committees should be composed of a minimum of two (2) employer-representatives and a minimum of two (2) employee-representatives.

  • All Committee members must be trained by a qualified trainer in safety committee operation, hazard inspection, and accident investigation prior to submitting the Application.

  • Training of the safety committee members is required on an annual basis after obtaining certification.

  • The Committee should be composed of at least an equal number of applicant-employer and employee-representatives unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

  • Committees must meet monthly, keep meeting agendas, attendance lists, and meeting minutes.

  • The Committee membership should represent all primary operations of the workplace.

For additional information on Certified Safety Committees, printing the Application and Completion Guide and the Technical Assistance Manual, links can be found on the PA Workplace Safety Committee Certification Program page.