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WOTC Frequently Asked Questions


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I heard the WOTC program was recently extended. When will the WOTC program expire? 

What regulations pertain to the WOTC program? 

What is the amount of tax credits that can be claimed? 

What target groups are eligible for WOTC? 

​How do I apply?

We hired an eligible employee but did not know about the 28-day rule at the time, can you waive it? 

What are the benefits to using the online system? 

If my employee is living outside of PA where do I submit the application? 

Do I have to have the paper forms filled out if I am submitting the application on your website? 

I’ve signed into my company profile and see the “Report New Hires” on the blue menu bar at the top. Is this where I submit a WOTC application? 

If my employee does not check any of the boxes on the 8850 or “Yes” to any of the questions on the 9061 do I still need to submit an application? 

On the 9061 form in Box 24 it asks to list “Sources used to document eligibility”. What do I list here? 

Where do I send supporting documentation if needed for an application? 

​What happens or what can I do if I entered wrong information on my application? 

​On the website why can’t I answer questions 14, 14.1 and/or 18 on the 9061 portions? 

If see the HUD EZ and Summer Youth portions of the DCR target group do not get extended with the WOTC program do I or can I still submit applications for HUD EZ areas and/or Summer Youth? 

Can a former employee be rehired and qualify the employer for the tax credit? 

What if my business is operating at a loss? 

How does WOTC work for On-The-Job (OJT) trainings? 

What is the benefit to the employee? 

Who determines which credit is to the employer’s best advantage if the employee is eligible for more than one target group? 

What should I do if I have received a Denial to an application, and feel that this decision is in error? 

Can family members qualify for the tax credit?