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Steward-Supervisor Training

This Program is designed to both increase the technical knowledge and improve the relationship of the first level participants in labor-management relations. Focusing on the place where most problems first arise, the shop floor or where employees and their immediate supervisors perform their duties, the Program hones the technical skill of the participants in such things as grievance handling, contract interpretation, and just cause. Included in this Program are segments on rights, roles and responsibilities of the parties, while communication skills, problem solving, and dealing with conflict address the way the participants work with each other.

The Program is intended as an antidote to the “us vs. them” mentality while maintaining each party’s purpose and responsibilities. The basic premise is that conflict is part of human nature in all labor-management relations and how the parties deal with that conflict is what is most important.

The full Program consists of seven (7) sessions of three (3) hours each, but can be readily customized to fit the needs of Employers and Unions. This Program may be used alone or it can be used in conjunction with other programs such as Labor-Management Committees and/or Interest–Based Bargaining.