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Labor-Management Committee

A Labor-Management Committee is one tool designed to enhance the economic viability in the workplace. The process focuses on developing a cooperative partnership between the employer and unionized employees through joint problem solving. Big problems or small problems in the workplace, a Labor Management Committee is a place to begin working on them. The LMC is a regularly scheduled forum to jointly address and resolve problems before they become the subject of a grievance, arbitration, or contract negotiation. Comprised of an equal number of employer representatives and union representatives, while chaired by an impartial person or rotating chairs, the LMC sets its own subject matter or agenda. Though most LMC's start out with relatively minor subject matter, and exclude matters explicitly governed by the collective bargaining agreement, more significant issues can be addressed as trust in the LMC and each other develops. Thus, a different kind of relationship between the parties is born. The use of problem solving techniques is utilized in addressing the issues.

The LMC is not an ad hoc, one-time instrument to be used for a particular problem. It is designed and expected that the LMC will have standing members who will regularly attend all scheduled meetings. In order to be successful, the LMC must have a full commitment from both the highest level in the employer’s organization and union organization. Such a commitment is paramount to the likelihood of a LMC succeeding in any workplace.

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Mediation provides training for committee members and/or mediators to serve as facilitators for LMC meetings.