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2020 Governor's Award for Safety Excellence (GASE) Winners

Abmech Acquisitions LLC

Abmech Acquisitions LLC Staff
Pictured above is Bud Norton, President 

Since 1988 ABMECH Acquisitions, LLC, has been providing state of the art hazardous materials remediation to customers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia, ABMECH has gone 6 years or 501,015 hours without a lost time incident. The Laborer’s Local 373 with the District Council of Western PA has supported the company in the effort to keep workers healthy and safe.

  • To continue this trend, every job site is inspected and every employee is observed daily. Inspections consider site-specific safety issues such as forecasts of high winds, or hazardous traffic conditions. Employees are observed to reduce human factors that can affect safety such as fatigue or ergonomic concerns.

  • Customized site safety plans, first aid kits and Safety Data Sheets are developed for all jobs. Handy on-site binders, including all safety policies, procedures and OSHA requirements, are available for reference when and where needed.

Ascensus Specialties Callery LLC

Ascensus Specialties Callery LLC Staff
Pictured above from left to right are Leah Boyle, Global Human Resources Manager, Mitchell Cole, Environmental Lead, Tasin Malik, Operations Manager, Paul Rankin, Operations Training Manager, Matt Manna, EHS&S Manager, Deborah Mastrostefano, Engineering Manager, Kim Hentschel, Lab Technician and Safety Council Lead, and Ben Stewart, Vice President of Operations 

Ascensus Specialties Callery, LLC is a global producer of dry and liquid sodium borohydride with expertise in alcoholates, borane derivatives, and other highly reactive chemistries making it a leading reagents maker supplying pharmaceutical and specialty industrial markets. In spite of these unique hazards, they have worked over a million hours without a lost time incident.

  • A strong employee involved safety culture as exemplified by representation from all departments on the Safety Council helps make this achievement possible. Any safety or health issue not resolved at the department level can be brought to the Council for resolution.

  • Through the Safety Points behavior incentive program, employees receive points for being involved in safety discussions, correcting unsafe acts, reporting near misses, or making safety suggestions. The Velocity EHS program provides a reporting capability that includes to-do lists of corrective actions for near misses and identified hazards.

Penn Asian Senior Services (PASSi)

Penn Asian Senior Services (PASSi) Staff
Pictured above from left to right are Ken Yang, Executive Director, Ms. Im Ja Choi, Founder and CEO, and Clayton Fitch, Development Manager  

Penn Asian Senior Services is the largest provider of linguistically attuned senior services for Asian and other limited English proficient older adults in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • Injury rates, well below industry average, attest to the effectiveness of the comprehensive training program, which begins at employee orientation and continues through 80 hours of in-house training, with 12 hours of annual continuing education.

  • Training for Home Health Aids and Certified Nursing Assistants is given in several different languages to provide services for limited English speaking older adults. The company is currently expanding this service to include training and care for Creole speaking caregivers and clients.