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Certified Code Officials

As of Apr. 10, 2009, the only persons who may legally engage in any aspect of UCC enforcement are those who hold UCC certification in each category of work that they perform.

Clicking on “Certification List” below will direct you to a list of persons that the Department has approved as certified code officials. This list is updated daily.

CERTIFIED CODE OFFICIALS: Your certification card expires three years after the date it was issued. Please check the expiration date on the front of your card and submit your renewal application before your card expires. Once your certification expires, you may NOT perform any aspect of UCC enforcement. Note: if you fail to renew your certification within one year of the expiration date, you will have to re-test in order to be re-certified. Click here to access a copy of the Department’s Certification Renewal Booklet.

Users should note the following regarding these listings.

Certification List:

  • The numbers listed under the “UCC Class Codes” headers represent all the categories of work that an individual is certified to perform.
  • Numbers 15 and higher are for commercial categories.
  • The key to these numbers is:

    10 Residential Building Inspector
    11 Residential Electrical Inspector
    12 Residential Mechanical Inspector
    13 Residential Plumbing Inspector
    14 Residential Energy Inspector
    15 Building Inspector
    18 Fire Inspector
    19 Electrical Inspector
    20 Mechanical Inspector
    21 Plumbing Inspector
    22 Energy Inspector
    23 Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner
    24 Building Plans Examiner
    25 Electrical Plans Examiner
    26 Mechanical Plans Examiner
    27 Plumbing Plans Examiner
    28 Energy Plans Examiner
    29 Building Code Official
    30 Elevator Inspector
    31 Passenger Ropeway Inspector

  • A person who holds a commercial inspection certification may perform the corresponding residential inspection without holding a certification for that residential category.
As of Apr. 10, 2009, persons who hold Department–issued Registration cards (i.e., were “grandfathered” and temporarily relieved of certification requirements) may no longer engage in any aspect of UCC enforcement.