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L&I, Office of Information Technology Procedure


Name: Reporting Information Security Incidents
Effective Date: December 2016
Category: Security
Version: 1.1
  1. Scope:

    This procedure applies to all Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) employees and business partners, and contractors when L&I has declared or suspects a breach or loss of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or a security incident, which includes Social Security Administration (SSA) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provided data such as Federal Tax Information (FTI).

  2. Procedure:

    The procedure is implemented by various IT staff under the direction of the L&I Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) under the authority of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO).

    Upon discovering a possible improper inspection or disclosure of FTI, including breaches and security incidents by any commonwealth employee, or any other person, the individual making the observation or receiving information

    Step Responsibility Action
    1. Individual who identified the incident Immediately report the details of the incident to their supervisor. If unavailable, the reporting individual should immediately complete step 2 below:

    If appropriate, contact the proper authorities for any workplace violence* event (e.g., theft of equipment).

    *The HR reporting form would also be required for such an incident per: Bureau of Human Resources' Information Bulletin 2007-06
    2. Supervisor/Reporting Individual Within one (1) hour, complete the Security Incident Reporting form for L&I with as much detail as possible. E-mail the completed form to L&I CISO
    3. CISO Notify the agency CIO, Communications and Press Office (CPO) and Deputy Secretary for Administration immediately after confirmation that a High or Critical level information security incident has occurred and an L&I incident tracking number has been assigned.
    4. CISO In coordination with appropriate OIT staff, isolate affected IT equipment, remove stolen assets access to the network (work with reported agency for stolen devices), and check for any compromised data or propagation of the problem.
    5. CISO Complete the IT Security Incident Online Reporting form. If necessary, organize a Security response team through the Commonwealth CISO.
    6. CISO If required, works with the program area and CPO on notification process for any potential breach of critical data. This is to be coordinated only after the full extent of the incident has been identified.
    7. CISO If FTI data is involved, the procedures outlined in Security Incident Reporting for Internal Revenue Service
    8. CISO If SSA data is involved then the procedures in Security Incident Reporting for Social Security Administration
  3. References
    L&I, OIT Policy Definitions
    SEC-008 - Security Incident Response Policy
    Security Incident Reporting for Social Security Administration
    Security Incident Reporting for Internal Revenue Service
    Security Breach Checklist
    OA ITP-SEC024 - IT Security Incident Reporting Policy
  4. Version Control
    Version Date Purpose
    1.0 01/2006 Base Document
    1.1 12/2016 Merged documents, formatted, revised content