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Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel ("OGC") conducts very few hearings as an agency. On occasion, an individual may appeal a decision of the General Counsel in connection with a denial of representation or reimbursement for attorneys' fees pursuant to 4 Pa. Code, Chapter 39. However, in those rare instances, the employing agency makes arrangements for a court reporter and pays for the transcript of proceedings as well as the hearing officer appointed to consider the appeal. If there is a future need for interpretative services, the agency will be required to take the necessary steps to arrange for a qualified interpreter.
OGC also administers the OGC Hearing Officer Program. OGC appoints hearing officers to hear cases for all executive agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction unless there is separate statutory authority for the appointment of special hearing officers. The appointing agency has responsibility for making arrangements for a certified court reporter and qualified interpreters. In cases where the agency has not preliminarily identified a need for an interpreter for persons either with limited English proficiency and persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, our hearing officers direct such appointment before a hearing is held or continue proceedings until an appropriate interpreter is made available.


Linda C. Barrett
Deputy General Counsel and Chief Hearing Officer
(717) 783-6583