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Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board

The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (Board) enforces the Commonwealth's private and public sector collective bargaining laws, including carrying out administrative and adjudicative responsibilities. The Board enforces the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act of 1937, Act 111 of 1968, the Public Employe Relations Act of 1970, and Act 88 of 1992.
The Board holds administrative hearings in accordance with these statutes. These hearings are quasi-judicial proceedings presided over by Hearing Examiners and recorded by court stenographers. They are typically held in Commonwealth owned or leased office space. The transcripts produced by the stenographers are the certified records of the proceedings, Decisions are appealable to Commonwealth Court.

Common acronyms:

NLRB - National Labor Relations Board
PDO - Proposed Decision and Order
PERA - Public Employe
Relations Act of 1970 PLRA - Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act of 1937
PLRB - Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board

Contact Information:

Nathan Bortner
Board Secretary
651 Boas Street, Room 418
Harrisburg, PA 17121