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​What is a Support Service Provider (SSP)?

A Support Service Provider, or SSP, is a specially trained individual who provides access to the community for people who are deafblind. This allows the person who is deafblind to make decisions for themselves based on the visual, environmental and social information communicated by the SSP.

Examples of Services Provided by a Support Service Provider (SSP)

    • Serves as a human guide to help deafblind individuals navigate their community
    • Communicates information written on printed materials
    • Communicates information that may be challenging for deafblind individuals to understand on their own, such as other people’s verbal and non-verbal cues, environmental information, etc.
    • Brokers simple communication, such as a conversation between a deafblind individual and a bank teller.

Apply for Support Service Provider (SSP) Assistance

Anyone in the state of Pennsylvania over the age of 18 who meets the Commonwealth definition of deafblind is eligible to receive SSP services. If you or someone you know are interested in SSP assistance, please contact Step Up Services at 610-417-4291 or

Interested in Becoming a Support Service Provider (SSP)?​

Currently, there are no training sessions available. However, new trainings will
be scheduled in the future, so please check back later for updates.

Support Service Provider FAQs


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