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​CTI at HGAC Office Directory

A comprehensive list of Commonwealth Technical Institute (CTI) at Hiram G. Andrews Center (HGAC) administration and faculty members is provided below. Unless otherwise specified, please call 814-255-8200 or email to get in touch with our staff. 


​Jill Moriconi
​James Marker
​Deputy Director
​Christopher Zakraysek
​Deputy Director of Operations

​Commonwealth Technical Institute​

​James Thomas
​Director of Education
​M. Elain Moxley
​Education Supervisor
​Rebecca Halza
​Education Supervisor


​Director of Institutional & Business Management
​Kristy Richardson
​Director of Institutional Development
​Becky Crum
​Director of Dietetic Services
Amy Hawkins​

​Facilities Maintenance

​Greg Tunstall
​Don Balzarano
​Building Maintenance Forman

​Transition Programs

​Stacie Andrews
​Director of Transition Programs
​Amanda Prince
Academic Success Center Director​
Karen DaytonNight Administrator

​Student Affairs

​Jason Gies
​Director of Student Affairs
​Martin Tran
​Director of Admissions
​Tim Williams
​Dormitory Counselor Supervisor
​Thomas R. Ellenberger
​Yevgeniy A. Suvorov
​Ileene Mattis
​Nurse Supervisor
​Lori Murphy
​Physical Therapist

​Security Department

Security Main Line
814-255-8200 Ext. 0
Matt Raich​
​Security Officer III
​Daniel Marguccio
​Security Officer II
Gregory Tunstall​
​Fire Marshall


​Automotive Technology

​Todd Gillott
​Automotive Technology Instructor

​Building Maintenance

​John Barr
​Building Maintenance Instructor
​John Gennett
​Building Maintenance Instructor
​Thomas Halza
​Building Maintenance Instructor
Brian Susko​
​Building Maintenance Instructor

​Business Education​

Jennifer Baxter
​Business Education Instructor
​Lora Rusnak
​Business Education Instructor
​Tim Kozak
​Business Education Instructor
Nicholas Duranko​
​Technical Math Instructor

​Center for Occupational Readiness (COR)

​Joy L. Berezansky
​COR Life Management Skills Instructor
​Pamela Evans-Hartland
​COR Remedial English Instructor
​Lisa Walsh
​COR Remedial Math Instructor

​Culinary Arts​

​Reese Deist
​Culinary Arts Instructor
​Randy Erdley
​Culinary Arts Instructor
​Kimberely Fox
​Culinary Arts Instructor


​Jane Chabon
​Medical Office Assistant Instructor
​Bruce Fleck
​Dental Lab Technology Instructor
​Larry Koontz
​Nurse Aide Instructor

​Materials Management & Distribution​

​Aimee Barr
Materials Management & Distribution Instructor​
​Joseph Roach
​Materials Management & Distribution Instructor​

​Network Technology​

​Jeanne Chaff
Networking Technology Instructor
​Troy Jordan
​Networking Technology Instructor

​Welding Technology​

​Barry Jordan
​Welding Technology Instructor
​Dave Smith
​Welding Technology Instructor

​Additional Support Staff

​Stacey Mihm