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Admission to the Commonwealth Technical Institute @ Hiram G. Andrews Center

Applications may be submitted to the HGAC admissions office throughout the year. Qualified applicants are accepted without regard to race, sex, religion, age, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation or HIV/AIDS status.


The school generally admits as students: (1) People with a certificate of graduation from a secondary education school or the recognized equivalent GED, or (2) People who are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in Pennsylvania and have the ability to benefit from the training offered by HGAC. A high school diploma or GED certificate is required for admission to any of the Specialized Associate Degree programs.

In addition, there are some expectations or criteria for individuals who are referred for admissions. These are necessary characteristic for individuals to succeed while at HGAC and CTI and should be taken into consideration. The individual referred:

  • Verbalizes a desire to obtain employment upon training completion
  • Wants to take an active role in their rehabilitation and vocational program
  • Verbalizes a motivation and a willingness to learn
  • Has a stabilized disability
  • Seems to understand acceptable social behavior, including getting along with peers, following rules and accepting supervision
  • Can live independently in the HGAC and CTI dormitory environment
  • Has the potential to exercise good judgement when balancing academic, social and leisure activities
  • Does not have a history of harming self or others


Applications to HGAC and CTI may be made through, but not limited to, the following:

  • Direct application to HGAC and CTI’s admissions office
  • Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services district offices
  • Veterans Administration
  • Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services
  • Vocational rehabilitation agencies outside of Pennsylvania
  • Private insurance companies
  • Other state agencies


Applicants will be notified in writing or, if requested, alternate format, of their acceptance to HGAC. Any applicant refused admission has a right to appeal in writing to the Director of Admissions, 727 Goucher Street, Johnstown, Pa 15905. The next step is the OVR Appeal Process Procedure.