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Programs and Resources

Unemployment Compensation
Information and statistics on Pennsylvania's Unemployment and Workers' Compensation programs.

Financial Aid Utilization Report
The Department of Labor & Industry recently evaluated the availability, barriers, utilization, and needs of customers of the workforce system regarding financial aid for training. This evaluation resulted in a report that includes a summary of what is currently occurring and will focused on recommendations for the improvement of application for and utilization of all sources of financial aid. The report will help inform decision makers so that resources and policy can be aligned to specifically address the barriers of customers in the workforce system when obtaining financial aid, as well as, maintaining those awards.

Bridging the Digital Divide: A Vision for Digital Literacy & Connectivity

The commonwealth’s efforts and investments toward identifying and closing digital literacy gaps separating job seekers from the education and training they need are documented in Bridging the Digital Divide: A Vision for Digital Literacy & Connectivity. Published in April 2022, the book is written with input from L&I workforce development leadership, state workforce development board staff, and L&I Policy Office staff.

Accessibility Resources
Links to assist employers in the successful hiring and retention of individuals with disabilities

Employee Rights
Link to the Labor & Industry website for information on how to stay in compliance with state and federal law regarding Labor Law and Prevailing Wage issues

Labor Market Information
Labor & Industry's Center for Workforce Information and Analysis offers a variety of economic and labor information for Pennsylvania's employers

New Hire Program
All Pennsylvania employers are required to report all newly-hired employees

Register as an Employer with Pa CareerLink®
Across the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania (PA) CareerLink® staff and their partners are working to expedite the connection between job seekers and employers. They are also working to improve individuals' access to education and training. Local, state, public and private organizations are recognizing these workforce professionals' outstanding efforts and commitment to service.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Information on incentives to employers who hire individuals that have barriers to employment

Layoffs Notification and Rapid Response
Federal legislation requires employers to provide notice in certain instances of layoffs

Trade Act Programs
The Trade Act allows workers whose jobs have been affected by foreign competition to receive certain benefits

Additional Resources
Links to helpful websites that provide services to employers