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Pennsylvania's Next Generation Industry Partnerships

Next Generation Industry Partnerships (NGIPs) are partnerships of businesses, from the same industry and in a shared labor market region, who work with economic development, education, workforce development, and community organizations to address the overall competitiveness needs of the targeted industry. Next Generation Industry Partnerships build on highly successful, nationally recognized initiatives in Pennsylvania by combining the economic development concept of “cluster partnerships” that address the comprehensive needs of industry with the workforce development model of “sector initiatives” that focus on addressing specific training needs of the targeted industry.

Instead of focusing on serving businesses’ needs based around public programs, Next Generation Industry Partnerships put businesses at the center of a coordinated economic development, education, and workforce development system that reacts to businesses’ defined opportunities and priorities. This leads to business driving the agenda of the partnership. Once business determines the priorities of the partnership, public partners work together with business to support these priorities. Since Next Generation Industry Partnerships are organized around the topics that impact business leaders most, they are sustainable over time.

Successful partnerships will increase the competitiveness of employer partners while also creating more jobs that pay. Such partnerships increase economies of scale and scope, and promote learning (sharing of information, ideas and effective practices) across companies. The activities supported by successful partnerships may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sharing of information, ideas and challenges common to the industry cluster.

  • Identifying the shared competitiveness needs of multiple businesses. This could include but is not limited to workforce development needs (e.g. worker training, closing skill gaps, credential and certification attainment critical to competitiveness and innovation in the industry cluster), economic development (e.g. infrastructure, supply chain issues, access to capital, permitting issues, expansion/relocation) needs and education needs (e.g. creating curriculum to meet the needs of business in the region).

  • Facilitating economies of scale by aggregating workforce, economic and education needs of multiple employers.

  • Assisting educational and training institutions in aligning curricula and programs to industry demand.

  • Collaborating with PA CareerLink® Centers, youth councils, business-education partnerships, intermediate units, secondary and postsecondary educational institutions, parents, career counselors and career and technical educations for the purpose of addressing the challenges of connecting disadvantaged adults and youth to careers.

  • Developing and expanding school-to-career, work-based learning, and other pipeline initiatives, including apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship opportunities, internships, co-op programs, and summer jobs.

  • Assisting companies in addressing common human resource challenges and implementing best organizational practices that grow more “jobs that pay.” These challenges and practices could be related to employee recruitment and retention, retraining incumbent workers, adopting new technologies, fostering experiential and contextualized on-the-job learning, developing and strengthening career ladders within and across companies, and enabling entry-level workers to improve skills and advance to higher-wage jobs.

Competitive Next Generation Industry Partnership grant proposals are reviewed yearly with funding allocations made for each project based on the state budget. Next Generation Industry Partnership funds are awarded to support the convening of partnerships and implementation of business-driven partnership priorities. Next Generation Industry Partnership funding is available to partnerships in all of Pennsylvania's 12 recognized industry clusters.

FY2017-2018 Next Generation Industry Partnership Notice of Grant Availability

The FY17-18 Next Gen IP NGA and its attachments are included below. All application materials are due no later than August 16, 2017.

FY17-18 Next Gen IP NGA

FY17-18 Next Gen IP Application & Proposal Narrative Form

FY17-18 Next Gen IP – Attachment 1 – Partnership Development Plan

FY17-18 Next Gen IP – Attachment 2 – Budget Form

FY17-18 Next Gen IP – Attachment 3 – Membership Summary Form

FY17-18 Next Gen IP – Attachment 4 – Program Development Timeline Form


2017-18 Next Generation Industry Partnership awards


Industry Partnership Annual Report Documents:
FY2015-2016 & FY2016-2017

Industry Partnership Annual Report Documents:

Industry Partnership Annual Report Documents:

Industry Partnership Annual Report Documents:


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For more information about Next Generation Industry Partnerships, please contact Michael Leister, Director of Partnership Development at the PA Workforce Development Board at 717-705-7650.