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Pennsylvania's Next Generation Industry Partnerships

Pennsylvania is a national leader in Next Generation Industry Partnerships (Next Gen IPs), a sector strategy to coordinate and align workforce, education, economic development, and other public and community partners to support an industry. A Next Gen IP is a partnership of businesses, from the same industry and in a shared labor market region, who work with economic development, education, workforce development, and community organizations to address the overall competitiveness needs of the targeted industry. By addressing these business-driven priorities, Next Gen IPs not only support the overall competitiveness of an industry and regional economy, but also benefit workers, students, and the broader community.

Next Gen IPs facilitate businesses identifying their workforce, education, and economic development needs, and coordinate regional support teams, consisting of public and community partners, responding to business-identified priorities. This structure supports businesses driving the partnership’s agenda partnership and the regional support team working together with business to support these priorities. Since Next Gen IPs are organized around the topics that impact business leaders most, they are sustainable over time.

Pennsylvania has embraced this model because Next Gen IPs support training and credential attainment, increased wages, talent recruitment, networking and collaboration across an industry, and increased career and industry awareness, among other benefits. Effective Next Generation IPs enhance industry competitiveness, strengthen regional economies, connect people to career pathways, and promote cross-sector collaboration.

In 2018, Governor Wolf proposed the PAsmart initiative, a new strategic approach to education and workforce development. By working in a smarter, more coordinated way, PAsmart makes public programs and initiatives more accessible and easier to navigate so Pennsylvanians can develop the skills and abilities they need to obtain quality jobs, and businesses can recruit and retain skilled workers.

As part of the PAsmart initiative, the FY2018-19 Enacted Budget included $30 million for strategic, competitive, and cross-sector investments focused on meeting the education and workforce development needs of students, workers, employers, and communities across Pennsylvania. Of this amount, up to $4.6 million is available for Next Generation Industry Partnership convening and implementation grants to develop and launch Next Gen IPs throughout the commonwealth, and implement and sustain business-driven priorities. The FY18-19 Next Gen IP Notice of Grant Availability is forthcoming.


The FY17-18 Next Gen IP NGA Application for Implementation Status and its attachments are included below. Eligible applicants for implementation grants are limited to FY17-18 Next Generation Industry Partnership convening grant awardees. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until February 1, 2019.

FY17-18 Next Gen IP NGA Application for Implementation Status

FY17-18 Next Gen IP Implementation Plan Template

FY17-18 Next Gen IP Training Plan Template

FY17-18 Next Gen IP Implementation Budget Template


Industry Partnership Annual Report Documents:
FY2015-2016 & FY2016-2017

Industry Partnership Annual Report Documents:

Industry Partnership Annual Report Documents:

Industry Partnership Annual Report Documents:


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For more information about Next Generation Industry Partnerships, please contact Michael Leister, Director of Partnership Development at the PA Workforce Development Board at 717-705-7650.