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Pennsylvania's Industry Partnerships

Pennsylvania is leading the way in workforce, education, economic development, and community collaboration.

Through Industry Partnerships (IPs), businesses are partnering to build stronger, more competitive industries through training, networking, recruitment, and collaboration to raise career and industry awareness.

Industry Partnerships help businesses with the following priorities:

  • Identifying their workforce, education & training, and economic development needs
  • Coordinating regional support teams
  • Identifying public and community resources
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration

PAsmart Industry Partnership Grants

PAsmart Industry Partnership grants provide funds to support the development, launch, implementation, and technical assistance of IPs that are demand-driven in addressing the workforce, economic development, and educational needs of Pennsylvania industries. 

2022 PAsmart Industry Partnership Grant Awardees

2021 PAsmart Industry Partnership Grant Awardees

2019 PAsmart Industry Partnership Grant Awardees

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