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Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 31, 2016

Labor and Industry Building, Room E-100
651 Boas Street
Harrisburg, PA  17121

Council Members Present:

Thomas F. McCosby, Chair
Joe Lavalle
Steven Black
E. Mitchell Swann
Kevin Maynard
John E. Kampmeyer
Tim Solobay
Tim Scott
Maureen Guttman
David Brooke Rush
Dr. Walter Schneider, III
David Nice
Craig Glotfelty
Nathan Schaffer
Edward Fegley

Also Present:

Sean Ramaley, Deputy Secretary
Jennifer Berrier, Esquire, Director, BOIS
Dwight Decker, Esquire, Asst. Counsel, Dep’t of Labor & Industry
Cindy Sheaffer, Esquire, Deputy Chief Counsel, Dep’t of Labor & Industry
Karen Galli, Deputy Chief Counsel, Dep’t of Labor & Industry
Peter Von Getzie, Deputy Chief Counsel, Dep’t of Labor & Industry
Robert Schramm, Esquire, Asst. Counsel, Dep’t of Labor & Industry
Rebecca A. McClincy, Asst. Counsel, Dept. of Labor & Industry
Lou Biacchi, Pugliese & Assoc.
Shari Shapiro, Calliope Policy Advisors
Howard Wiel, Governor’s Office
Katie Blansett, PA Housing Research Center
Brian Wolfgang, PHRC
Chris Hine, PHRC
Holly Lubart, AIA Pennsylvania
Joe Marchioni, Labor & Industry
Milt Stoltzfus, DCED
Mary Gaiski, PA Manufactured Housing Assoc.
Doug Meshaw, PA Builders Assoc.
Chris Gleeson, PA Builders Assoc.
Nsungwe Shamatutu, Labor & Industry
Michael Steffan, Labor & Industry
Nathan Clark, Labor & Industry


Adam Beck

The meeting was called to order by Chair Thomas McCosby, followed by introduction of all Council Members and attendees, after which all said the Pledge of Allegiance.

  1. Approval of the minutes from the meeting on November 16, 2015:  Mr. Solobay made a motion to approve the November minutes.  Mr. Black seconded the motion.  The Council approved the minutes by unanimous consent.

  2. Approval of Agenda:  Chair McCosby moved to approve the agenda for the meeting and Mr. Kampmeyer seconded the motion. The Council approved the amended agenda by unanimous consent.

  3. Chairman’s comments and correspondence:  No correspondence was received.  Welcome to Mitchell Swann, who replaced George Settle as a member on the Committee, and to Joe Lavalle, who is completing Chris McQuail’s term on the Committee.  Both men were given an opportunity to speak and they both indicated they were very happy to be on the Committee.

  4. Report of RAC counsel - Ms. Sheaffer mentioned that a contact list was circulated at the last meeting and she would re-iterate that all members should make sure to update their contact information, including an email address and phone number.  She added that email is the preferred method of communicating with members and that phone calls would only be made if there is a last minute scheduling problem with a meeting.

    Ms. Sheaffer then passed around copies of the Governor’s Gift Ban policy, and explained that if there are any questions or if a situation comes up in which a member needs guidance, the RAC’s counsel should be contacted.

  5. Report of the Legislative Working Group, Chaired by Tim Solobay: The working group met on 3/31/16 from 8 am -10 am, and they came up with recommendations on various bills which they will give in New Business.

  6. Report of the Regulatory Working Group, Chaired by Maureen Gutman: This group has not yet met and thus, no action has been taken.

  7. Report of the Procedures Committee, Chaired by Walt Schneider: At the November meeting, a unanimous vote was cast to form an ad hoc committee to suggest specific procedures and policies to be put in place for various matters that the RAC will face. This group has not yet met but Mr. Schneider moves that a face to face meeting thereof should occur in June, and Ms. Guttman seconded that motion. A vote was taken of the general membership, and it was decided that this group would meet face to face in June of 2016, but the particulars of the meeting would be determined at a later time.  Mr. Schneider volunteered to host the meeting at his facility in State College.

Old Business:

    1. Formalize Review Process and Voting Process:  Because the group has not yet met, Mr. Schneider moved to table items A and B under Old Business (formalize review and voting procedures) and Mr. Black seconded the motion.  A unanimous vote was taken in favor of this motion such that these 2 items of old business are tabled.

New Business:

Chair McCosby advised that the Committee has been asked by the State Legislature to review eight bills that are currently pending, and that the Legislative Working Group would report on each bill individually, and then permit public comment.

    1. HB 635 (amends the duties of the RAC): Mr. Solobay moved to table HB 635 and HB 1645.   Mr. Schneider seconded the motion, which carried by unanimous vote.

    2. HB 782 (requires two third party agencies): Mr. Solobay moved to not recommend HB 782 in its current form.  Mr. Maynard seconded the motion.  A discussion ensued as to the merits of the bill.    The motion carried with a unanimous vote.

    3. HB 1543 (authorizing Labor & Industry to produce a PA IRC with ICC): The Chair noted that it was the recommendation of the committee to not support this legislation in its current form, and Mr. Black seconded the motion.  A vote was taken, and the motion carried.

    4. HB 1575 (eliminates dimensional lumber exception): Mr. Solobay advised the working group did not recommend this legislation because of the way it was written, which Mr. Schneider seconded. A brief discussion ensued, after which a unanimous vote was taken in favor of the motion not to recommend the Bill.

    5. HB 1642 (exempts produce stands): Mr. Solobay advised that the working group was fine with the bill except for the size of 1000 square feet.  The group felt it should be 500 square feet, and that the public is restricted from entry.  Mr. Kampmeyer moved that the Committee not recommend HB 1642 for that reasons, and Mr. Schneider seconded the motion.  A vote was taken and the motion carried to not recommend the Bill but to give reasons, to wit, size and public access.

    6. Doug Meshaw provided public comment on HB 782 stating the intent of that particular bill was to solve the issue where problems are caused by municipalities only having one inspector.  Mr. Meshaw further stated the problem exists in two particular areas.

    7. HB 1771 ((Historic Barn Preservation): Mr. Solobay advised that the working group’s opinion was not to recommend this legislation, which Mr. Schneider seconded.  After a brief discussion, a vote was taken to not support HB 1771; the motion carried.

    8. Trainee Inspector Legislation: Mr. Solobay advised that the working group would recommend tabling the “non-bill” until there’s a published printer’s number, and Mr. Rush seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the motion carried unanimously.

    9. International Code Council Development meeting – Mr. Lavelle advised that this meeting will be held April 17 to 27 in Louisville, KY, and that he will provide a link to anyone who is interested in the latest Code amendments and testimony. Ms. Shapiro added that the ICC has implemented online participation both to submit comments and vote. Mr. Kampmeyer pointed out that you can only vote online if you are a voting member.   Mr. Meshaw added that there are advantages to attending these meetings in person, including being part of the discussion of an amendment. 
  1. Public Comment – None

  2. Future Meeting: Chair McCosby noted that it would be fruitless to hold another RAC meeting prior to a meeting of the Legislative Working Group in June.  The RAC must meet every 6 months by statute. A discussion ensued regarding scheduling conflicts, after which Mr. Black suggested September 14, 2016 at the Labor and Industry Building, Room E-100, and all agreed.

  3.  Adjournment: Mr. Schneider moved to adjourn the meeting and Mr. Maynard seconded the motion, after which the meeting was concluded at 12:06 p.m.