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Certification of Individuals and Third Party Agencies

Certification of Individuals:

Like many other states, Pennsylvania’s initial certification of code officials is based solely on proof that persons have passed the exam (or exams) specified for every category of code work in 34 Pa Code Chapter 401.
Individuals who are seeking training that will assist in the passing of certification exams or who must satisfy the Department's continuing education requirements may want to consider one of the following training avenues:
  1. The Pennsylvania Construction Codes Academy. The Academy is offering a variety of code training opportunities at different locations throughout the state. Call 717-236-9469 for additional information on the Academy and its coursework, or visit the website.
  2. The International Code Council. The ICC also offers a variety of training opportunities. Information concerning their offerings may be obtained by visiting the Council's Web site ( 
  3. Organizations approved by the Department as providers of continuing education. Click here to access the listing.
  4. Local vocational-technical schools, community colleges, or builder associations often offer code instruction courses or seminars.
The Department has prepared booklets that contain all the information needed to apply for initial certification or to renew certification. These booklets are available by clicking the links below. A copy of either booklet can also be obtained by calling 717-787-6085 or by emailing

Certification of Third Party Agencies:

All third-party agencies which perform Uniform Construction Code (UCC) services on behalf of municipalities, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or residential property owners in municipalities which opt out of UCC administration and enforcement, must be certified by the Department of Labor and Industry.
An explanation of these certification requirements and the required application form are found in the Department's THIRD PARTY AGENCY CERTIFICATION: INITIAL CERTIFICATION AND RENEWAL BOOKLET. You can obtain a copy by clicking on the link below, by calling 717-787-6085 or by emailing
If you have questions about applying for individual or third party agency certification, please call 717-787-6085 or email