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Peter Glick

Photo of Peter Glick
Peter Glick was born in Pittsburgh on May 30, 1889. He attended the public schools and the Shadyside Academy of Pittsburgh, and received his Bachelor of Law degree from the Pittsburgh Law School at the University of Pittsburgh. He was a member of the Allegheny Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the American Judicature Society. Since his admission to the Bar in 1911, he was associated with J.C. Boyer, Esq., and later with a brother, David Glick, Esq.
Glick was assistant city solicitor of Pittsburgh during the administration of Mayor Joseph G. Armstrong. He was a member of the speakers’ bureau of the Republican National Committee (RNC) during the presidential campaign of 1920, and chairman of the speakers’ bureau of the RNC during the gubernatorial campaign of 1926 and the presidential campaign of 1929.
He was appointed Secretary of the Department of Labor and Industry by Governor John Stuchell Fisher on May 7, 1929.
From PA Manual, 1929.