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Clifford Brown Connelley

Photo of Clifford B. Connelley
Clifford Brown Connelley was born March 26, 1863, in Monongahela City, Allegheny county. When he was a child his parents moved to Pittsburgh where he was educated in Pittsburgh public schools. He attended the Western University of Pennsylvania (now the University of Pittsburgh) and, later, pursued a course at the Teachers’ College of Columbia University. He was awarded masters of arts and doctor of science honorary degrees for his activity in educational, industrial and civic matters.
As a young man he served his apprenticeship as a pattern maker and worked at this trade for a time. He was one of the organizers and charter members of the National League of Patternmakers. He also served for a number of years as an engineer with various engineering firms in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
Very early he became prominently identified with the movement for industrial education and was one of the pioneers of the work in western Pennsylvania. He began his work as an educator in the mechanical department and, later, as superintendent of shops in the University of Pittsburgh. Later he was made principal of the 8th Ward Manual Training School of Allegheny, Pennsylvania — one of the first industrial schools established in the state as a part of the public school system. He organized the industrial work for the city of Allegheny and was the consulting supervisor of the Pittsburgh Industrial schools.
Connelley was one of three individuals who helped design the original plan and scope of the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He was connected with this institution for 17 years in an administrative capacity, serving during the last 13 years as the Dean of the Division of Industries.
He was a member of the Pittsburgh Board of Public Education; a Trustee of Duquesne University; a member of the Frick Educational Fund Commission; President of the Pennsylvania Branch of the American School Peace League; a member of Advisory Board of Mothers’ Pension League of Allegheny County; and a member of the Allegheny County Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He was also a member of various technical, educational, social organizations and clubs. He wrote many papers on technical and industrial education.
During WWI he served as Director of the Vocational Section of the S.A.C.T. at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and also as Chairman of the Selective Draft Board in Allegheny County.
He was appointed Acting Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry on April 23, 1919, and was named Commissioner on November 13, 1919, by Governor William Cameron Sproul.
From Smull's Legislative Handbook, 1920.