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Intermittent Intake Interviewers

Unemployment Claims

Information Brochure

Intermittent Intake Interviewers (IIIs) are responsible for interviewing claimants filing for unemployment claims (UC) benefits and assisting in determining the types of claims to be processed.

All work is performed in a call center environment using telephones and personal computers (PC). Work also involves reading a telephone claim script and entering information provided into a PC system.

Successful candidates should be skilled in customer service, possess strong communications skills since they will be dealing with the public, and have a basic familiarity or comprehension of the computer keyboard and PC.

Other duties include:

  • Retrieving, reviewing, and paying weekly benefits by accessing and inputting data.
  • Explaining and reviewing financial determinations with claimants.
  • Gathering and retrieving necessary information used to issue non-monetary determinations.
  • Preparing and sending forms to employers.

Work schedules may vary based on periods of peak unemployment claims. Claims activity may have a direct impact on employment status as well. As claims activity increases, IIIs may work full time or overtime for extended periods including weekends and evening hours, and some holidays. Holiday work will include premium holiday pay.

When the workload drops, III employment hours may be for less than a full workday or a full workweek and may result in being placed in no-pay status until the workload increases again. While in no-pay status, IIIs may qualify for UC benefits.

Intermittent Intake Interviewers remain eligible for recurring employment as long as their job performance is satisfactory and they have not been in no-pay status for 18 consecutive months. If IIIs have been in no-pay status for 18 consecutive months, Commonwealth employment will end.


Below is a brief summary of benefits available to IIIs while in paid status.

Annual, Sick and Personal Leave

Intermittent Intake Interviewers are eligible to earn Annual Leave, Sick Leave and Personal Leave from the first day of employment. Leave hours earned are based on the number of hours worked and length of service that may include prior Commonwealth service.

Health Care Includes Health, Dental, Vision, Hearing Aid and Prescription Drug Coverage

Health benefits are available to IIIs based on the number of hours in paid status, computed on July 1 of each year. The Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF) administers Commonwealth health benefits.

State Employees Retirement System (SERS)

Intermittent Intake Interviewers are enrolled in the SERS when they are in a paid status for 750 hours within a calendar year. Enrollment is retroactive to the first day worked within the calendar year.

Group Life Insurance

Intermittent Intake Interviewers who work 5,750 hours in a rolling three-year period will be eligible for the Group Life Insurance.


Intermittent Intake Interviewers are eligible for paid holidays as long as they are scheduled to work and are in active pay status the last half of the scheduled workday before and the first half of the scheduled workday after the holiday. Intermittent Intake Interviewers who are in no-pay status are not eligible for paid holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a brief summary and much more information will be provided during new employee orientation. Refer to union contracts, Personnel Rules, Management Directives, and official plan documents, as appropriate, for complete details.

If there is a conflict between this brochure and the collective bargaining agreements, PA Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF) or any Commonwealth policy, the provisions of the above documents will prevail.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Department of Labor and Industry
Bureau of Human Resources
1418 Labor & Industry Building
Harrisburg, PA 17121

Telephone: 717-787-6374

FAX: 717-772-3351

TTY users may call the PA Relay Service at 1-800-654-5984.

This information is available in alternate format on request.

UC Service Centers are in the following locations:
Allentown, Altoona, Duquesne, Erie, Indiana, Lancaster, Philadelphia, and Scranton.

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer supporting Workforce Diversity.

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